The new words that enter the dictionary of the RAE

Amigovio, chupi, homoparental, mileurista, serendipity, tweet and tunear, among other words, are already normative

  • The twenty-third edition of the Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Language (DRAE), published this Thursday, has introduced numerous words that did not appear in the previous edition. Some of them were already in the online edition of the dictionary, but other entries are made public with the publication of this twenty-third edition. This is a selection:

agrotourism m. Rural tourism, especially that which includes agricultural and livestock activities.

threaten (From amagar ). m. 1. Arg. , Bol. , Mex. , Par. and Ur. Indication or signal of something that finally does not happen. 2. Ec. , Guat. , Nic. and P. Rico. Gesture that indicates the intention to do something.

amigovio , via. (Fusion of friend and boyfriend ). m. and f. coloq. Arg. , Mex. , Par. and Ur. Person who maintains with another a relationship of less formal commitment than a courtship.

Anisakiasis F. Med. Gastrointestinal parasitic disease

Anisakiasis F. <em>Med.</em> Gastrointestinal parasitic disease

 caused by anisakis larvae and transmitted to man by infested fish that is consumed raw or undercooked.

anisakis (From the scientific latitude Anisakis , and this from the gr. Νισ κις anisákis ‘an unequal number of times’, for having unequal spike males). m. Worm nematode parasite whose larvae are occasionally found in some fish, marine mammals and cephalopods, and which can cause anisakiasis in humans.

antipersonnel adj Said of a mine: Prepared for, when being stepped on, to kill or mutilate a person.

antipersonnel. adj mines.

apunamiento (To sign up and -miento ). m. Arg. , Bol. And Chile. mountain sickness.

audioguide. ( Audio- and guide ). F. Portable electronic device for individual use that, through recordings, provides information when visiting an exhibition, tourist trips, etc.

backstage. (English voice). m. Space located behind a stage or a catwalk where those who take part in a show or a fashion show are prepared.

garbage (Of garbage dim). F. Arg. , Chile , Ec. , Guat. , Hond. , Mex. , Nic. , Pan. , Par. , Ur. And Ven. Particle of dirt, especially the one that gets into the eye.

batucada (The port. Brazilian batucada, der. Of batucar ‘dance and sing batucadas’, east of Batuque ‘batucada’, and this der. Bater ‘beat’). F. 1. Afro-Brazilian popular dance that is accompanied with percussion instruments. 2. Music that accompanies the batucada. 3. Set of people running a batucada, usually in the street.

bicycle ride F. Arg. , Perú and Ur. Organized bicycle ride, with collective participation.

Bicycle shop F. Arg. , Par. , Peru and Ur. Establishment where bicycles are sold or repaired.

beeper (From the English beeper ). m. Arg. , Chile , Ec. , Guat. , Mex. , Nic. , Pan. And P. Rico. Electronic device that records calls and messages.

birra (From it, birra , and this from al Bier ). F. coloq. beer.

blaugrana. (From cat. Blaugrana , from blau ‘blue’ and grana ‘grana 2 ‘). adj azulgrana . Blaugrana hobby. App. to pers., utcs

Botox (From Botox ®, reg. Mark). m. Chem Bacterial toxin used in cosmetic surgery.

brik. (Acort.). m. tetrabrik .

burka (From the English burka , and this from the arbor burqa ‘ ). m. or f. Women’s clothing from Afghanistan and other Islamic countries, which hides the body and head completely, leaving a small mesh opening at eye level. U. mcm

craps m. and f. malson coloq. Impatient person, who is always in a hurry.

cajonear. (From drawer and -ear ). tr. Arg. , Par. and Ur. To delay the processing of an administrative file or a document in order to delay its resolution.

cameo (From the English cameo , and this from the cammeo ‘cameo’). m. Short intervention of a famous character, actor or not, in a movie or a television series.

cyclogenesis (From English cyclogenesis , from cyclone ‘cyclone’ and -genesis ‘-genesis’). F. Meteor Formation of a cyclone.

citadino, na. (From Friar Citadin , and this from Cittadino .) adj 1. Bol. , Col. , C. Rica , Cuba , Mex. , Nic. , Pan. And Come. Belonger or relative to the city. 2. Bol. , Col. , Cuba , Mex. , Nic. , Pan. And Come. Said of a person: who lives in the city. U. tcs

coach. (English voice). m. and f. 1. Person who advises another to promote their professional and personal development. 2. Dep. Coach .

conflict (Conjugal c) act. tr. 1. Arg. , Bol. , Ec. , Mex. , Par. and Ur. Causing a conflict in something or someone. prnl. 2. Arg. , Bol. , Ec. , Mex. , Par. and Ur. Said of a person: Suffer an internal conflict or concern that may eventually condition their behavior.

short-term. (From loc. [A] short term e -ismo ). m. Behavior or attitude of the short-termist.

short-termist adj That pursues results or effects in the short term. App. to pers., utcs

chaise longue. (Loc. Fr.). F. Seat soft, elongated and normally without arms, which allows to stretch the legs, sometimes designed as a side extension of a sofa. U. tcm

chop (Of Fr Chope , and this of the Alsatian Schoppe ). m. 1. Arg. , Bol. And Ur. Jar or large size glass to drink beer. 2. Arg. , Bol. , Par. and Ur. Beer contained in a chop.

chupi (From expr, see yupi , interjection to express joy). adj 1. coloq. Esp. Very good or great. A movie chupi. adv. 2. coloq. Esp. Very good or great. Pass it chupi.

drone (From the English drone ). m. Unmanned aircraft.

curly , gives. (From the part of curling ). adj Arg. , Bol. , Chile , Par. , Peru , Ur. And Ven. Said hair: curly.

establishment . (English voice). m. Group of people who exercise power in a country, in an organization or in a specific area.

Euribor (From the English euribor , acronym of eur or i nter b ank or ffered r ate ‘European type of interbank offer’). m. Econ. Interest rate applied to loans in euros between large banks, and which is often used as a reference in mortgage loans at variable interest rates.

europarliamentary , ria. adj 1. Of or pertaining to the European Parliament. m. and f. 2. Deputy of the European Parliament.

outsource (From English to externalize , from external ‘external’ and -ize ‘-izar’). tr. 1. Econ. Said of a company or a public institution: Entrust the performance of tasks or own services to another company. The Ministry outsourced the photocopy service. 2. Psicol. Attributing to external factors the origin of feelings, perceptions or thoughts of their own.

feminicide. (From lat. Fem na ‘woman’ and -cidio , see English feminicide ). m. Murder of a woman because of her sex.

giga 2 (Acort.). m. Inform. gigabyte.

gigabyte. (English voice, from giga- ‘giga-‘ and byte ). m. Inform. Unit that equals approximately one billion (2 30 ) bytes . (Symb. GB).

hacker. (English voice). m. and f. Inform. Hacker.

hyperlink (Of hyper- and link ). m. Inform. link.

hijab (From tree ib ). m. Handkerchief worn by Muslim women to cover their heads.

homoparental. (From homo- and parental ). adj 1. Said of a family: Made up of two people of the same sex and children. 2. Pertaining to or relative to the homoparental family.

identikit (From the English identikit , acronym of identification ‘identification’ and kit ‘kit’). m. Arg. , Bol. , Ec. , Nic. , Par. , Peru and Ur. Robot portrait .

impasse. (Voice fr.). m. 1. dead end. 2. wait time (detention of a subject).

intranet (From the intranet , from intra- ‘intra-‘ and net ‘network’). F. Inform. Electronic network of internal information of a company or institution.

lunch box. (Of lunch and -was ). F. Arg. , Bol. , Chile , Col. , C. Rica , Ec. , Guat. , Mex. , Nic. , Pan. , Peru , P. Rico and Ven. Small container, plastic or other material, used to carry light food, especially children when they go to school.

Mary 2 (Acort.). F. jerg. marijuana.

medicalization. F. Action to medicalize.

medicalize (From the fr. Médicaliser ). tr. 1. Provide something, as a means of transport, of what is necessary to offer medical assistance. 2. Give medical character to something. The medicalization of childbirth

mileurista adj 1. Esp. Said of a person: Who receives a monthly salary that is around a thousand euros and is generally considered below their professional expectations. U. tcs 2. Esp. Pertaining or relative to the mileurista or mileurismo. Mileurist salary.

multiculturalism F. Multicultural qualitynaturopath. adj Said of a doctor: Specialist in naturopathy. U. tcs

multiculturalism F. Multicultural qualitynaturopath. adj Said of a doctor: Specialist in naturopathy. U. tcs


Pilates (From JH Pilates , 1883-1967, German health specialist who developed and disseminated this method). m. Gymnastic method that combines body exercise with mind control, based on breathing and relaxation.

positivity F. Quality of positive

prequel (From the English prequel , and this formed on sequel ‘sequel’, with substitution of the first syllable by pre ‘pre-‘). F. Literary or cinematographic work that tells facts that precede those of another existing work.

quad. (Voice of the English amer., Quadricycle shortening ‘quadricycle’). m. 1. Four-wheel off-road vehicle similar to a motorcycle. 2. Sports activity or practice done with quad.

net. […] ~ social. F. Global communication digital platform that connects a large number of users.

Serendipity (Adapted from the English serendipity , and this one from Serendip , today Sri Lanka, by alus to the Eastern fable The Three Princes of Serendip ‘The Three Princes of Serendip’). F. Valuable finding that occurs accidentally or accidentally. The discovery of penicillin was a serendipity.

spa. (English voice, and this one of Spa , city of the province of Liège, in Belgium, famous for its healing waters). m. Establishment that offers treatments, therapies or relaxation systems, using as a main base the water, generally current, not medicinal.

Tweet. (From English tweet ). m. Digital message that is sent through the Twitter ® social network and that can not exceed a limited number of characters.

tweet intr. 1. Communicate by means of tweets. tr. 2. Send something by means of a tweet.

tweet m. Action and effect of tweeting.

tweeter , ra. adj 1. Pertaining or relative to the tweet or tweeting. m. and f. 2. Person who tweets.

tuning 3 (From English to tune , literally ‘to tune’, ‘to adjust’). tr. Adapt something, especially a vehicle, to personal tastes or interests.

Wifi. (Tb. Wi fi. ♦ Del English. Wi-Fi ®, brand reg.). m. Inform. Wireless connection system, within a certain area, between electronic devices, and frequently for Internet access. U. t. in apos.